When Dad started writing his book I was so excited to read it and knew it would be a lovely keepsake to cherish in our family. I was so surprised to hear that it was indeed such a good read, it was going to be published! Having attended the book launch in September, I was immensely proud of what my Dad has achieved. There were so many people wishing him well, which is testament to what a lovely man my Dad truly is. I have read the book and shall treasure it forever! Love you Dad. xxx

Adele Malton


So proud of our wonderful Dad, Mervin Dove. What a truly interesting read. I think the main message that everyone including myself enjoys about this book, is that it paints a picture of the life and times and teaches us some of the lovely values of the past. As a mum to two young boys I am excited to have such a special keepsake for them and ourselves. Well done Dad, love you so much. xxxx

Kerry Dixon


What an amazing insight to the life of such a great man, I got totally engrossed in this book and lost myself for hours...In all the early childhood years.

Having read the book within a couple of days I couldn’t put it down.

I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good read, and its wrote in such a way that it takes very little effort to imagine and feel as if you was there seeing it as it happened.

Just can’t wait for the next one.

Well done Merv

Sam Barwick


I’m on chapter 3 already!! It’s great, I was born 1981 but feel like I’m growing up with as I read it, I have probably only read 2 books in my life: Fred Dibnah & Mally Welburn – yours is up there with them !!!

Phil Rudd

Grimsby Garden Centre

Finally got round to starting to read Mervin Dove book yesterday and got to say it's brilliant....ended up reading it all in the one day! Looking forward to the next one!

Phil Nicolson


Mervin, read your book and enjoyed it that much, I’m reading it again !!! When’s the next one out?



Well, Mervin been sat reading your book today. I'm up to page 47.so far it has made me laugh out loud and has also made me cry. I think it will be one of the very few books that I actually read to the end.

It's brilliant. Well done...


Couldn't put the book down for to long... I have now finished it and have enjoyed it so much. Can't wait for the next one. Xx

Dottie Oliver


Up to page 57 now...beautifully nostalgic and written 😍 feels like I'm almost there! 😁xx

Kimmy Hannath


Well I've read your book; took me back, so many memories. Thank you Merv! 

Val Jeffrey


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Tales of a Barton Lad

The historic town of Barton Upon Humber has been home to many memorable characters, including Samuel Wilderspin, Ted Lewis and Chad Varah.


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Rollin' Back The Years

The Following the success of his first title Tales of a Barton lad, Mervin Dove is back with Volume 2; fuelling up on his favourite pastime, darts & stopping off to deliver fond memories from his traditional sign writing profession. 


Mervin's authentic storytelling, presents us with a genuine account of what life was like, living and growing up in the 'good old days'!



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