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Cruising... An Author's Life for Me

Kathleen and I went on a cruise recently and met some wonderful people from all over the world, as we all know meeting people is most enjoyable and showing genuine interest in them is a great ice breaker.

Our first couple was Trevor & Ann in a Cocktail Lounge, they both had an easy smile as they approached us asking if they could have a seat at our table, after the preliminaries of introduction the conversation just flowed.

Trevor asked where we came from so Kath jumped in and said, “Oh we come from Barton upon Humber near The Humber Bridge and Merv has written a book with Bridge on the back cover.” Surprised faces followed....” Oh really,” said Trevor. “So what is it about then?”

After explaining he says, “That sounds interesting,” with Ann following saying.... “So is the book available on Amazon?” “Yes” says Kath, “but we do have 4 copies with us! Merv can sign one for you if you like only £9.95,” this was said with Kath’s smile and enthusiasm.

They smiled at her bless and said yes of course, followed with Trevor saying he also had written a book… 4 Women & Elvis.

This book is based on his mother’s lifetime memories; she is 98 years old and still has her faculties with a very sharp memory. So we agreed it would be best to exchange our books, he has already emailed saying the book has been despatched, Trevor & Ann are from Cheshire.

The second couple Sam & Carol are from Seattle USA who are timber farmers mainly, we met them on the ship having coffee and just started having a chat talking about tractors with Sam (great) The Americans are very interested in people from England and soon ask, “what do you do?” And also “where are you from?” Also do we know the Queen or live near her???

They were so interested knowing I had written a book and laughed at Kath on her sales delivery, we met these two early on in the cruise so it wasn’t long before she had a list of questions for me.

Mainly to explain our sayings and things we used, Carol wrote it all down to explain it to her grandchildren and family.

The third couple we met were called Blackie & Nita who were from Perth Australia, a very funny man with a great dry sense of humour. We met them in Boracay organising a’ Tuk Tuk’ ride in the town, a viewing area and the beautiful beach, we asked if they wanted to share, they agreed with Blackie joking he’s not paying for a couple of “pomies.” Well we got on great for rest of the day, and of course Blackie had already told us where they lived. My book came in to the talk throughout the day, and Nita being a big reader couldn’t wait to get her hands on it, they both read it and loved it.

Finally we met Tom & Anita (similar name to Blackie’s wife) our meeting was in Hong Kong in a Starbucks would you belief; we all had coffee and exchanged where we all came from. They explained we were the first couple to talk to them from the beginning of the cruise, and they were so pleased for the company and conversation. Tom & Anita came from the Netherlands both Doctors taking time out, the both asked what we had done in our lives for an income and yes they too couldn’t wait to purchase book number 4. (All copies now sold out) ha ha

We gave out loads of business cards too, so there you have it cruising and selling books – brilliant!

Before I close the photo of me with the medal and posh hat was won, I entered a paper aeroplane competition with 34 others, we had to make a paper aeroplane out of an A 4 piece of paper and make it fly the furthest, so my skills from school days came in handy, on this note I will sign off.

Your champ,


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