Mervin Dove specialises in a range of sign writing services:

  • Traditional hand painted signwriting

  • Gold leaf paintwork

  • Classic vintage lorries

  • Ice cream van painting

  • Vintage vehicles

  • Glass painting

  • Vinyls and printed signs

  • Murals

  • Pinstriping

  • Marbelling

  • Old-look signs (ideal for gifts and presents)


If you require an explanation of any of these services, please feel free to get in touch

Mervin Dove is one of the most respected sign writers in the industry, offering his sign writing services for many years. Whether it's chalkboards, vintage signs, lorries, boats, ice cream vans or shop signs, Mervin Dove's sign writing services provide a unique and beautiful alternative using skilled techniques. As you can see from the work below, his portfolio shows a huge range of skills and abilities that marks him as one of the finest sign writers available. 

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